About PCIN


The Perth County Information Network (PCIN) is a computerized library network that enables the residents of Perth County to have access to the resources of all of the participating libraries.

Who Created the Network?

In 1997, the Chief Executive Officers of Perth County's libraries began discussing ways of sharing services in order to achieve economies of scale. ­Within two years, the founding members of PCIN signed contracts to proceed with a computerized­ system that would create a "virtual" library network in Perth County. ­This virtual library network provided a shared library catalogue­ and connected each­ library to the internet.­

The founding members were:

  • Perth East Public Library (Milverton)
  • West Perth Public Library (Mitchell)
  • Stratford Public Library

In years to come, PCIN expanded to include the Stratford-Perth Archives (2002), ­St Marys Public Library (2010) ­and North Perth Public Library (2013).

What are the Benefits of PCIN?

  • Member Autonomy
    Each member library retains its autonomy, while benefiting from the advantages of a voluntary co-operative partnership.
  • Shared Expertise and Improved Service­
    Using the expertise developed at Stratford Public Library,­ member libraries have been­ able to automate their operations at minimum cost. ­Trained systems and network­ staff work as a team with PCIN members.
  • County-Wide Access to Information and Collections­
    All residents of Perth County, St. Marys and Stratford are able to borrow physical and digital­ materials from any library in Perth County.
  • Cost Savings through Centralized Services and Purchasing­
    Centralized purchasing ­functions reduce duplication in each of the member libraries and provides significant cost savings.
  • Collaboration in Operations and Services
    Member libraries now have a mechanism to collaborate in the areas of program planning, policy development, training and collection development.­