In 2000, PCIN incorporated as an independent non-profit organization with a Board of Directors. ­The board is composed of two representatives elected from each of the­ members' Library Boards.

The CEOs of the member libraries meet as a management committee and report to the PCIN Board four times a year.­

Board of Directors

Chair TBD
Vice-Chair TBD
Secretary TBD
Members at Large

Terrance Ritchie, North Perth Public Library
Bernice Weber, North Perth Public Library
Laura Hallahan, Perth East Public Library
Diann Davidson, Perth East Public Library
Sylvain Robichaud St. Marys Public Library
Colin Cobourn, St. Marys Public Library
Michael Corbett, Stratford Public Library
Emma Perin, Stratford Public Library
Kim Wolfe, West Perth Public Library
Jesse Britton, West Perth Public Library