North Perth Municipal Election

In the Municipality of North Perth, eligible voters elect 10 Council Members to the North Perth Council: 1 Mayor, 1 Deputy Mayor and 8 Councillors.

Mayoral Candidates

Julian George   Facebook 
Todd Kasenberg    Facebook


Deputy Mayor Candidates

Colin Burrowes   Facebook
Doug Kellum 


Councillor Candidates

Matt Duncan - Elma Ward
Dave Johnston - Elma Ward
David Ludington - Elma Ward
Jamie Pynn - Elma Ward
Allan Rothwell - Elma Ward

Neil Anstett - Listowel Ward   Facebook  Twitter
Sarah Blazek - Listowel Ward
Grace Harper - Listowel Ward
Matt Richardson - Listowel Ward
Yasmin Vanos - Listowel Ward
Darrell Weber - Listowel Ward

Lee Anne Andriessen - Wallace Ward   Facebook 
Paul Horn - Wallace Ward
Mark Noordam - Wallace Ward 


School Board Trustees



October 6, 7:30pm
North Perth All Candidates Meeting
Hosted by the Listowel Agricultural Society


If you are a candidate and want to include a link to your campaign, please contact